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Author: Vybespace

Live at Humbug club featuring MineBlown

Our buddy Musical Barn has uploaded his live footage from the Reggae Brings Love Festival on 29 February 2020 at the Humbug club in Basel, Switzerland:

We have MineBlown on lead vocals, with dsu on keyboards, Will on lead guitar and backing vocals, Lou Kash on bass guitar, and our fearless leader Schus-T on drums and some more vocals. Introduction by Sugardaddy.

Also of note is that it was one of the last public events in Basel before the “Corona” lockdown.

The first video clip is online!

Enjoy our very first… er, official video clip, produced from footage and recording of our show on 17 October 2019 at Hirscheneck in Basel:

Direct link

Some technical background: Footage from the bottom left-hand side view was shot in the MTS format with a pretty big video camera on a tripod by a guy that wishes to be called Musical Barn. Footage from the top-of-the-stairs view comes from Lou Kash’s iPhone SE that was taped to a heating pipe under the ceiling. The audio track was recorded by Lou with a Zoom H1n device via its stereo microphone, positioned in the back of the room above the bar. The venue’s P.A. system was used for vocals only. The drum set played by Schus-T is being heard totally unamplified. Yup, he can hit pretty loud and then some. All editing was done by Lou Kash: the audio track was mastered in Logic Pro 9, the video was cut with iMovie 10.

More footage from that gig is in the pipeline and will be published within the next few weeks in our video section.

[edit 2020-01-23: fixed video player and direct link]

Musicians wanted!

We are looking for a keyboardist that would alternate our Nikos (who unfortunately won’t be available in the following months to come). Our next show is on 29 February 2020: we are currently rehearsing some new material, as we’ll be also backing several vocalists from Antigua that night.

We are also looking for a percussionist.

If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Rehearsals are on Mondays from 19:30 in Basel, St. Johann.