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The band

Vybespace is a fancy intercontinental collective of musicians and vocalists, all of whom have settled in the region of Basel, Switzerland. The group performs mainly original compositions in the reggae, funk, hip-hop and RnB genres. The band’s history is closely linked to the Vybez Studio Basel and its music. Crucial for the band’s formation was Schus-T, who is constantly producing tracks with artists from the studio environment, in particular with the studio owner William Martin.

Vybespace featuring MineBlown & Sugardaddy
Sugardaddy, Schus-T, MineBlown, Lou Kash, Nikos Mante, Will Caddy (photo © 2019 Yarin Martin)

The rhythm section

Christophe Schuster aka Schus-T
bandleader, drums, vocals
The Basel native played in bands like Free Limits and BullBo, but has in recent years concentrated on studio work as a producer. (

Will Caddy
guitar, vocals
The Australian from Perth lives since 2017 in Basel. In his hometown, he was part of the local music scene.

Mischa Veith
The Swiss keyboard wizard joined Vybespace in March 2020, replacing Nikos Mante and Mat “dsu” Branger.

Vybespace rhythm section
Schus-T, Nikos Mante, Lou Kash, Will Caddy (photo © 2019 William Martin)

Featured artists

Vybespace is currently collaborating with several singers who are also solo artists.

Kathi Stathis
lead vocals, lyrics
The new voice of soul!

William Martin aka Sugardaddy
lead vocals, lyrics
Originating from the Caribbean island of Antigua, the singer, producer and DJ has been deeply rooted in the Basel reggae scene since the 1990s.